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The GE Task Force convened in Spring 2008 and began by researching the history of GE at CI and by analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of our current program. We became familiar with current theory and practice in general education, examining scholarship and research and surveying many different GE models around the country. We examined CSU Executive Order 1033 (superseded by EO 1065) to understand external parameters and how we might work in relationship to them. With this information in mind we re-examined our current structure in terms of the relationship between GE and the majors, student perceptions of general education, and the assessment of student learning, and proposed a Senate Resolution outlining an outcomes-based GE model.

Since the passage of Senate Resolution 09-03 New University Studies Program in Fall 2009 (available under “Contexts and Parameters” tab):

  • GE Task Force members secured outside funding to develop University Studies:
    • Title V funding for Project ISLAS (Institutionalizing Student Learning, Access, and Success) in Fall 2010. The Academic Affairs objectives of this grant are to develop a University Experience Program (including core courses incorporating GE outcomes) and to develop outcomes-assessment capacity. ISLAS funded the purchase of a comprehensive assessment software package (Tk20, branded as folioCI), which includes an e-portfolio system to store student artifacts and assessments of student learning.
    • Center for Integrative Studies secured Keck Foundation funding for an interdisciplinary undergraduate research seminar series incorporating GE outcomes, SPIRaL (Stepladder Program in Interdisciplinary Research and Learning);
    • Funding through CSU “Giving Students a Compass II” program from the Gilbert Foundation to develop Sophomore Seminars incorporating GE outcomes and strengthening the transfer pipeline.
  • CI sent a GE Program Assessment team in October 2011 to the CSU-Institute for Teaching and Learning GE Symposium/WASC Assessment in Practice Retreat in Berkeley. The CSU charged the CI GE Program Assessment team with developing an “Action Plan” during the retreat, found under the “Assessment and Review” tab at the left.

  • Rubric development for assessing GE Learning Outcomes:
    • Spring 2011: Faculty developed rubrics for GE outcomes associated with UNIV 150 First Year Seminar.
    • Summer 2011: Outcomes-based Faculty Working Group applied rubric for Outcome 2.1 to student work on a Critical Reasoning Signature Assignment (developed for UNIV 150) which was piloted with freshman students as well as in two UDIGE courses in the summer session (EDUC 345 and BUS/ECON/HIST 349). The Working Group developed a faculty development process for vetting rubrics and norming rubric application for outcomes-based assessment in GE courses.
    • Fall 2011: Outcomes-based Working Groups developed rubrics for GE outcomes associated with the new UNIV 198, 298, and 398 courses (SPIRaL series), as well as UNIV 250 Second Year Seminar and UNIV 349 Transfer Year Seminar. Working Groups for outcomes in Goals 4 and 5. 
    • Spring 2012: Outcomes-based working Groups developed rubrics for Goals 5, 6, and 7. Rubrics vetted with student work for Goals 1, 3 and 4.
    • Spring 2013: Rubrics vetted with student work for Goals 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7.
    • Status as of May 2013: Rubrics drafted for all but one GE outcome (found under “GE Goals and Outcomes” tab to the left) and loaded in folioCI system.
    • Report on GE Outcomes Assessment Tool Development (MS Word)
  • Course-embedded assessment of GE learning outcomes in folioCI:
    • Fall 2011: 4 sections of UNIV 150 (3 faculty) piloted outcomes-based assessment of GE learning outcomes applying rubrics to uploaded student work
    • Spring 2012: 6 courses (UNIV 250; SPIRaL UNIV 298s; LIB/COMM 211; MATH 448; ENGL 349)
    • Fall 2012: 5 sections of UNIV 150; 4 sections of UNIV 349; SPIRaL UNIV 198, 298
    • Spring 2013: 2 sections of UNIV 250; UNIV 498; ENGL 105

We invite the faculty to review the tabs to the left, including the FAQ. Please provide feedback through the "Contact Us" link, and check back with the FAQ for updates as the work and the conversation continues.

The General Education Task Force 2008-11: Marie Francois, Chair; Julia Balén, Terry Ballman, Tamara Escobar (Student), Andrea Grove, Antonio Jiménez-Jiménez, Jacquelyn Kilpatrick, Steve Lefevre, Trudy Milburn, Brad Monsma, Paul Rivera, Steve Stratton, Cindy Wyels, Janet Rizzoli, Geoff Buhl (representing GE Senate Committee)

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