Courses that require General Education (GE) Criteria Approval should be submitted using the button below. You will be submitting your course along with your criteria request.  It is not necessary to send your course to the Curriculum Committee as well.  When complete, they will forward the course and the approved general education criteria to the Curriculum Committee.  Thank you.

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GE Committee Members

GE Committee Members Archive


  • Geoff Buhl, Co-chair Chair of the GE Committee, Math and Sciences (expires Spring 17)
  • Marie Francois, Co-Chair of GE Committee, Inter. Director of Ungrad Studies (expires Spring 18)
  • Ekin Pehlivan, Business and Economics (expires Spring 17)
  • Reha Kadakal, Sociology (expires Spring 18)
  • Colleen Harris-Keith, Library, (expires Spring 18)
  • Melissa Silva, Non-Voting, Records and Registrations
  • Blake Büller, Non-Voting GE, Committee Member
  • Janet Rizzoli, Non-Voting GE, Committee Member
  • Andrea Skinner, Non-Voting, Curriculum  Coordinator
  • Mary Laurence, Non-Voting, Programs and Planning
  • Kristen Dobson, Non-Voting, Advising


  • Mary Adler, Arts and Humanities (expires Spring 17)
  • Geoff Buhl, Chair of the GE Committee, Math and Sciences (expires Spring 17)
  • Virgil Adams, Behavior and Social Sciences (expires Spring 16)
  • Robert Bleicher,  Education (expires Spring 16)
  • Ekin Pehlivan, Business and Economics (expires Spring 17)
  • Blake Büller, Non-Voting GE Committee Member
  • Rachel Danielson, Non-Voting, Records & Registration
  • Sarah Johnson, Non-Voting, Advising
  • Janet Rizzoli, Non-Voting GE Committee Member
  • Andrea Skinner, Non-Voting Coordinator
  • Sue Saunders, Non-Voting, Advising


GE Criteria (PDF, 454KB)

GE Executive Order 1065 (PDF, 171KB)

GE Interpretation Final (PDF, 66KB)

GE Senate Policy 06 Goals and Outcomes (PDF, 20KB)

Senate Election Results 2012    (PDF, 37KB)

Revisions to SP 06-06 General Education Learning Goals and Outcomes (PDF,  67KB)

Graduate Writing Assessment Guidelines (PDF, 54KB)

GE Goals and Outcomes