If you're currently planning to submit one or more course or program proposals, we strongly encourage consulting with the Articulation and Curriculum office (ACo) for assistance and to ensure the proposal process is as efficient as possible. We especially encourage this in the case of program proposals because of their complexities.

Step 1: Consultation with ACo

  • Consultation may involve anything from a short email exchange to a set of in-person meetings.
  • Request a consultation by emailing 
    • Include a brief, bullet-pointed summary of course and program changes you're proposing, and any questions or concerns you may have.
    • Expect an acknowledgment from the ACo within 7 to 10 business days of submitting email request.

Step 2: Submit proposal in Curriculog™

  • Review Resources below. Links might re-direct you to different sites, and you will need to sign in with your myCI username and password in order to review their Curriculog resources.
  • All curriculum proposals must be submitted through Curriculog™.
  • Note: information provided through proposals is vital for the entire campus to be able to effectively implement them. Thus, all fields must be completed before you approve proposals. If this does not happen, be aware proposals may be returned to you for completion from any step in approval process, before they're allowed to move forward.

Every effort will be made to include your proposals in the earliest possible catalog, and inclusion is based on the timeliness of the approval process and is not guaranteed.

Curriculog Basics

To launch the system, go to: Curriculog™
How do I sign in? (PDF, 260KB)
How do I customize my account? (PDF, 260KB)
How do I check the status of a proposal? (PDF, 260KB)
How do I search for what needs action? (PDF, 260KB)
How do I check SLOs and course outlines ? (PDF, 260KB)

If you would like Curriculog user training, please e-mail us to schedule a Program- or Department-level session to be held in-person or online.

Course and program development is covered by numerous curriculum-related Academic Senate Policies and Resolutions.

To view Microsoft Word documents, download and install Microsoft Office. To view Adobe PDF documents, download and install the free Adobe Reader.

If you're proposing a new CSU Degree Program, contact Academic Programs and Planning by emailing: All forms must be submitted through Curriculog™ by April 1st for consideration for the following academic year catalog.


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