Courses that require General Education (GE) Criteria Approval should be submitted using the new Curriculum Management System - Curriculog™.  To access the instructions on how to use the new system you must log in to Curriculog™, click "Log in", sign in with your credentials, click New Proposal, choose the form listed as (with Gen Ed) for your proposal, click on Start Proposal and PRINT the "Instructions". Please do not send hard copies of your proposals. Thank you.

If you need credentials to log in, please e-mail the system administrator Andrea Skinner at 

If you would like Curriculog user training, please e-mail us to schedule a Program/Department level session to be held in person or online. 

GE Committee Members

GE Committee Members Archive

2018 - 2019

  • Stacey Anderson, Arts & Humanities (expires Spring 19)
  • Bob Bleicher, Education (expires Spring 19)
  • Geoff Buhl, Math & Sciences (expires Spring 19)
  • Reha Kadakal, Behavioral & Social Sciences (expires Spring 20)
  • Ekin Pehlivan, Business & Economics (expires Spring 19)
  • Mary Adler, Non-Voting, Associate Dean of Arts & Sciences
  • Blake Büller, Non-Voting, Academic Programs
  • Kristen Dobson, Non-Voting, Advising
  • Mary Laurence, Non-Voting, Programs and Planning
  • Janet Rizzoli, Non-Voting, Academic Programs
  • Stephany Rodriguez, Non-Voting, Student Systems
  • Melissa Silva, Non-Voting, Records & Registration
  • Andrea Skinner, Non-Voting, Curriculum Coordinator
  • TBD, Non-Voting, Student Representative

GE Course Characteristics SP 16-11  (MS Word, 72KB)

GE Course Requirements SP 16-12 (MS Word, 72KB)

GE Executive Order 1100 (PDF, 171KB)

GE Executive Order - 1100 CSU - FAQ(PDF, 171KB)

GE Interpretation Final (PDF, 66KB)

GE Senate Policy 06 Goals and Outcomes (PDF, 20KB)

Senate Election Results 2012    (PDF, 37KB)

Revisions to SP 06-06 General Education Learning Goals and Outcomes (PDF,  67KB)

Graduate Writing Assessment Guidelines (PDF, 54KB)

GE Goals and Outcomes

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