Committee Members Archive


  • Blake Gillespie, Co-Chair, Math and Sciences (expires Spring 18)
  • Jeanne Grier, Co-Chair, Education (expires Spring 19)
  • Bob Bleicher, Co-Chair of the GE Committee (non-voting, except in a tie)
  • Monica Pereira, Library and Couselors (expires Spring 18)
  • Jasmine Delgado, Art (expires Fall 20)
  • Jared Barton, Economics
  • Kristen Linton, Health Sciences
  • Blake Büller, (non-voting) GE and Articulation
  • Rachel Danielson (non-voting) Records and Registration
  • Monica Rivas, (non-voting), Advising
  • Janet Rizzoli, (non-voting), GE and Articulation
  • Mary Laurence (non-voting), Instructional Space Coordinator
  • Jesse Paredes (non-voting), Student Records System Analyst
  • Andrea Skinner, (non-voting), Committee Coordinator