Curriculum Approval Process

All documents for the Curriculum Committee must be submitted through the new Curriculum Management System - Curriculog™ . To access the instructions on how to use the new system you must log in to Curriculog , click "Log in", sign in with your credentials, click New Proposal, choose the form most appropriate for your proposal, click on Start Proposal and PRINT the "Instructions". Please do not send hard copies of your proposals. Thank you.

If you need credentials to log in, please e-mail the system administrator Andrea Skinner at 

If you would like Curriculog user training, please e-mail us to schedule a Program/Department level session to be held in person or online. 

Course and program development is covered by numerous senate policies. For relevant policies click here.  

Program Planning Resource Guide

To view Microsoft Word documents, please download and install Microsoft Office.To view Adobe PDF documents, please download and install the free Adobe Reader.


Note: Contact Andrea Skinner at  if you need help with the new curriculum process.

Long Form**(MS Word, 126 KB). 

** The Long Form above is for your reference only, all proposals must be submitted through the new Curriculum Management System - Curriculog™; If you are proposing NEW CSU Degree Programs, please contact the Academic Programs and Planning Office: Long forms must be sent to Curriculum Committee by October 1st. for consideration this academic year.


Archives of previous year's forms.