The responsibilities of the Curriculum Committee include:

  1. Formulation, review and recommendation of general University curriculum policies and procedures including degrees, programs, majors, minors, options, emphases, credentials, certificates, courses, program reviews and any other academic related policies, procedures and issues.
  2. Reviewing the Academic Master Plan of the University, considering requests for revision of that plan, and making recommendations to the Academic Senate for the adoption of each annual phase of revision of the Academic Master Plan.
  3. Based upon criteria and procedures as specified by University policy, reviewing and evaluating all course proposals.

Priorities for 2018-2019 academic year

 First Tier Priorities ( proposals reviewed first)

Program                                                    Reviewer

SPANISH                                                  Monica Pereira
ART Minor                                               Jasmine Delgado and Jeanne Grier
ED Credentials                                       Jeanne Grier
BUSINESS Undergraduate                John Lu and Blake Gillespie 
LIBERAL STUDIES                                Jeanne Grier
COMPUTER SCIENCE MS                Jeanne Grier and Dana Baker              


Second Tier Priorities ( proposals reviewed second)

Program                                                Reviewer

BIOLOGY                                                Blake Gillespie
MATH                                                      Blake Gillespie
CHICANA(O) STUDIES                     Monica Pereira
MBA                                                         John Lu and Jeanne Grier 


Third Tier Priorities ( EO 1071 proposals)


ART STUDIO                                          
PA DANCE                


2018-2019 Curriculum Committee Deadlines for inclusion in the 2019-2020 University Catalog

Proposal for New Minors, Credentials Programs, Degree Programs and proposal for New, Modified or Deleted Courses, Program Modifications and Certificates – October 1, 2018
(1st Monday in October)

The Curriculum Committee holds its last scheduled meeting during the week of April 30; no regular business will be conducted after this date. 

Please see CSUCI Curriculum Committee Guide for details.

Tips and Pointers for "New Course Proposal" form: Tips and Pointers Courses (PDF, 74.1KB)    

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