Fiscal Policies Committee 2017-2018

Marie Francois, at-large (expires Spring 19)
Manuel Correia, Education, (expires Spring 19)
Colleen Nevins, at-large (expires, reverts to Arts and Humanities Spring 19)
Ruben Alarcon, Math and Sciences (expires Spring 19)
Dennis Downey, Behavioral and Social Sciences (expires Spring 18)
Priscilla Liang, Business & Economics (expires Spring 18)
Janet Pinkley, Library/Counselors (expires Spring 18)

Presentations and Reports:

Fiscal Policy Committee, Senate Presentation on 10-25-16 (MS Powerpoint, 73KB)

Fiscal Policy Committee Working Recommendations, Spring 2016 (MS Word, 19KB)


Presentation Template:

FPC Presentation Template (MS Powerpoint, 49.9KB)


Presentation and Report Archive:

FPC Intent to Raise Questions at Academic Senate 2-24-15 (PDF, 35.4KB)

Cabinet Response to FPC Information Request - March 9, 2015 (PDF, 1.3MB)

Fiscal Policies Committee Report to Academic Senate - March 24, 2015 (MS Powerpoint, 1MB)


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