Academic Year 2022-2023

SP 22-01 Academic Master Plan
SP 22-02 Minor in Peace and Conflict Resolution
SP 22-03 Minor in Public Administration
SP 22-04 Amending SP 11-06 class schedule template

Academic Year 2021-2022

SP 21-01 Policy on Subrecipient Monitoring (PDF, 166KB)

  1. Passed by Academic Senate on  September 28, 2021
  2. Academic Senate Chair signed October 01, 2021
  3. President signed October 19, 2021

SP 21-02 Policy on VP and Academic Administrator Searches and Appointments (PDF, 142KB)

  1. Passed by Academic Senate on October 26, 2021
  2. Academic Senate Chair signed
  3. Provost recommended
  4. President signed

SP 21-03 Policy on Student Recordings of Class Sessions (PDF, 111KB)

  1. Passed by Academic Senate on October 26, 2021
  2. Currently being reviewed by legal counsel
  3. President Approval waiting for legal counsel review

SP 21-04 Policy on Academic Notice and Disqualification (PDF, 189KB)

  1. Passed by Academic Senate on November 30, 2021
  2. Academic Senate Chair signed

SP 21-05 Service-Learning Policy (PDF, 146KB)

  1. Passed by Academic Senate on February 01, 2022
  2. Academic Chair signed February 04, 2022 
  3. President signed February 21, 2022

SP 21-06 Policy on Responsible Conduct of Research for Extramural Grants

SP 21-07 Policy on Research and Sponsored Programs Records Retention

SP 21-08 Policy on Administrator Review

SP 21-09 Policy on Undergraduate Unit Load Limitation

Academic Year 2020-2021

SP 20-01 Policy on Academic Senate Elections (PDF, 172KB)

SP 20-02 Policy on Academic Senate Standing Committee on Equity and Anti-Racism (PDF, 163KB)

SP 20-03 Academic Senate Policy on Auditing Courses (PDF, 193KB)

SP 20-04 Policy on Misconduct in HHS-Supported Research (PDF, 160KB)

SP 20-05 Policy on Paid Professional Leaves (PDF, 326KB)

SP 20-06 Policy on General Education Course Characteristics (PDF, 236KB)

SP 20-07 Policy on Credit Hour Definition (PDF, 232KB)

SP 20-08 Policy on the Recruitment and Appointment of Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty (PDF, 318KB)

Academic Year 2019-2020

SP 19-01 Policy on Academic Integrity (PDF, 241KB)


Procedures for Allocating Travel Funds to Faculty from 2019-2020-One Time Funds (PDF, 89.6KB)

Academic Year 2018-2019

SP 18-05 Policy on Minimum Characteristics of Majors (MS Word, 66.5KB)

SP 18-06 Academic Planning Process(MS Word, 69KB)


SR 18-01 Resolution on Student Research and RTP(MS Word, 68KB)

SR 18-02 Resolution on Digital Scholarship and RTP(MS Word, 69KB)

SR 18-03 Resolution on Service and RTP(MS Word, 61.2KB)

SR 18-04 Resolution on Tenure Track Hiring(MS Word, 62KB)

Academic Year 2017-2018

SP 17-01 Undergraduate Admissions Appeal Policy(MS Word, 122KB)

SP 17-02 Academic Master Plan(MS Word, 23.3KB)

SP 17-03 Policy on Changing the Basis for Grading(MS Word, 117KB)

SP 17-04 Policy on Course Repeat(MS Word, 121KB)

SP 17-05 Policy of Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (MS Word, 124KB)

SP 17-06 Language Graduation Requirement(MS Word, 58.2KB)

SP 17-07 Multicultural Graduation Requirement (MS Word, 57.4KB)

SP 17-08 Policy on University Retention, Tenure, and Promotion (MS Word, 91.5KB)

SP 17-09 Evaluation of Temporary Counselor Faculty (MS Word, 67.4KB)

SP 17-10 Policy on Undergraduate Unit Load Limitation (MS Word, 128KB)

Academic Year 2016-2017

SP 16-01 Add Policy (supersedes SP 13-03) (MS Word, 120KB)

SP 16-02 Policy on Course Numbering (supersedes SP 01-03) (MS Word, 203KB)

SP 16-03 Policy on Academic Responsibilities Regarding Internships (with President for Review) (MS Word, 207KB)

SP 16-04 Policy on Assigned Time for Exceptional Service to Students (Supersedes SP 14-12) (MS Word, 644KB)

SP 16-05 Policy on Academic Renewal (MS Word, 69.9KB)

SP 16-06 Policy on Cross Listing Courses (MS Word, 70.6KB)

SP 16-07 Senate By-laws Revision for Senate Officer Elections (MS Word, 122KB)

SP 16-08 Policy on Centers and Institutes (MS Word, 332KB)

SP 16-09 Policy on Academic Disqualification (MS Word, 121KB)

SP 16-10 Policy on Priority Registration (MS Word, 283KB)

SP 16-11 Policy on General Education (GE) Course Characteristics (Supersedes SP 01-45 and SP 02-03) (MS Word, 337KB)

SP 16-12 Policy on General Education (GE) Course Requirements (Supersedes SP 01-08) (MS Word, 319KB)

Policy Index

Alphabetical Index of Senate Policies


Archives of Previous Policies by Academic Year - AY01-02 through AY15-16 

Policy Template

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