Academic Senate

Please direct requests and inquiries related to Academic Senate to

Academic Senate Chair 2020-22

Dr. Gregory Wood

Academic Senate Support

Jeannette Edwards

If you have materials you want considered for the Academic Senate agenda, they MUST be received by no later than noon on the Thursday before the Senate Executive Committee meets to review and approve the Senate agenda.

Submit to Senate by noon onSenate Executive Committee MeetsOn agenda for Senate Meeting

Thursday, 08-19-2021

Tuesday, 08-24-2021

Tuesday, 8-31-2021

Thursday, 09-16-2021

Tuesday, 09-21-2021

Tuesday, 09-28-2021

Thursday, 10-14-2021

Tuesday, 10-19-2021

Tuesday, 10-26-2021

Thursday, 11-11-2021

Tuesday, 11-16-2021

Tuesday, 11-30-2021

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