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The Committee on Equity and Anti-Racism (CEAR) hosts hybrid meetings on Wednesdays from 3:30PM-4:30PM 

Meeting Materials


Please contact the Chair of CEAR for the 23-24 Academic Year, Marie Francois, for further questions. 


In accordance of the Bylaws of the Academic Senate, the charge of CEAR is as follows:

The responsibilities of the Senate Committee on Equity and Anti-Racism shall include:
i. All work of the committee shall be through the lens of: equity, anti-racism, diversity and/or inclusion, as they are currently defined and as pertains to faculty.
ii. New policies, policy changes, and any campus wide shared definitions in the following areas shall be reviewed by this Committee: faculty hiring; MPP hiring; retention, tenure and promotion; compensation and workload; unit, department or program bylaws; and revisions, additions and evaluations to campus wide shared definitions
iii. Any other policy or other governing documents such as Program/Department bylaws, may be referred to this committee from the senate, or senate exec, or from any faculty member, for the purpose of review iv. Reviews and recommends the University’s methods to improve recruitment, hiring and retention of diverse faculty and ensure equity in compensation and workload, accounting for cultural taxation. Advocate for similar conditions for all CSUCI employees. v. Advocates for access to programming to educate faculty (and other campus employees) about Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism
vi. Heightens faculty’s awareness of the campus’ diversity, equity and inclusion goals, policies, and procedures; and works with Colleges and Departments to achieve these goal
vii. Prepares, with the assistance of Faculty Affairs, an annual report on diversity, equity, and inclusion to be presented to the Faculty Senate, with recommendations, in the spring semester.
This report shall include:
a) Areas in which policy and procedure and funding need to be established to promote equity, anti-racism, diversity and/or inclusion
b) Short-term and long-term goals for campus diversity, equity and inclusion, and evaluates progress toward achieving those goals


The Senate Committee on Equity and Anti-Racism shall consist of seven elected voting members with no two representatives may be from the same department/program for 3-year staggered terms:

  • Marie Francois, Chair, TT Faculty Representative(2021-2024)
  • Brittnee Veldman, TT Faculty Representative (2021-2025) 
  • Carolee Hurtado, TT Faculty Representative (2022-2024)
  • Peter Krauze, TT Faculty Representative (2023-2024)
  • Danna Lomax, NTT Faculty Representative (2022-2025)
  • Daniel Armanino, NTT Faculty Representative (2023-2025)
  • Vacant, TT Faculty Representative


  • Vacant, Executive Director of Equity and Inclusion
  • Bill DeGraffenreid, as the AVP for Faculty Affairs, or designee
  • Mark Patterson, as the Ombudsperson, or designee 
  • Vacant, Representative from Staff Council (spring 2023)
  • Vacant, Student Representative (spring 2023)
  • Vacant, CFA Representative
  • Vacant, Chief Diversity Officer
  • Jamie Ferns, Senate Coordinator
  • Kristi O’Neal-Gonzalez, Accessibility Representative
  • Christy Teranish-Martinez, Faculty Equity Advocate Lead/PACIE
  • Vacant, NTTF Task Force/Council representative


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