Senate Standing Committees


Senate Executive Committee

Virgil Adams, Senate Chair (expires Spring 19)
Matt Cook, Vice Chair (expires Spring 19)
Miguel Delgado Helleseter, Secretary (expires Spring 19)
Vacant, SWAS/ ASCSU Academic Affairs representative (expires Spring 2019)
John Yudelson, SWAS/ ASCSU Faculty Affairs representative (expires Spring 2021)
Sean Kelly, at-large (expires Spring 19)
Geoff Buhl, at-large (expires Spring 20)
Julia "Jules" Balen, at-large (sabbatical replacement expires Spring 19)
ASI Representative, Brenda Sanchez
Lorna Profant, CFA Representative

Jeanne Grier, immediate past Senate Chair
Elizabeh Say, Provost, ex-officio
Genevieve Evans Taylor, President's Designee, ex-officio

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Committee on Centers and Institutes

Javier Gonzalez, at large (expires Spring 19)
Rachel Soper, at-large (expires Spring 19)
Catherine Burriss, at-large (expires Spring 19)
Raquel Baker, at-large  (expires Spring 20)
Nien-Tsu "Nancy" Chen, at-large (expires Spring 20)

Committee on Committees

Robin Mitchell, at-large (expires Spring 19)
Jaime Matera, at-large (expires Spring 19)
Matt Cook, at-large (expires Spring 20)

Curriculum Committee

Blake Gillespie, Math & Sciences (expires Spring 20)
Jeanne Grier, Education (expires Spring 2019)
Zhong John Lu, Business and Economics (expires Spring 20)
Monica Pereira, Library and Counselors
(expires Spring 20)
Dana Baker, reverts to Behavioral and Social Sciences (expires Spring 20)
Jasmine Delgado, reverts to Arts & Humanities (expires Spring 19)
Chair of the GE Committee (non-voting)

Faculty Affairs Committee

Nina Clements, Library/Counselors (expires Spring 19)
Hua Dai, Business and Economics (expires Spring 19)
Chuck Weis, Education (expires Spring 19)
Neomie Congello, Lecturer Representative (expires Spring 19)
Lindsey O'Connor, Behavioral and Social Sciences (expires Spring 20)
Lynette Landry, Math & Sciences (expires Spring 20)
Stephen Clark, Arts & Humanities (expires Spring 20)

Fiscal Policies Committee

Marie Francois, co-Chair, at-large (expires Spring 19)
Manuel Correia, Education, (expires Spring 19)
Colleen Nevins, Arts and Humanities (expires Spring 19)

Ruben Alarcon, Math and Sciences (expires Spring 19)
Jose Alamillo, Behavioral and Social Sciences (expires Spring 20)
Dylan Cooper, Business & Economics (expires Spring 20)
Janet Pinkley, co-Chair, Library/Counselors (expires Spring 20)

General Education

Reha Kadakal, Behavioral & Social Sciences (expires Spring 20)
Geoff Buhl, co-Chair, Math & Sciences (expires Spring 19)

Stacey Anderson, Arts & Humanities (expires Spring 19)
Bob Bleicher, Education (expires Spring 19)
Ekin Pehlivan, Business and Economics (expires Spring 19)

Minigrant Review Committee (all one year terms)

Kendall McClellan, Lecturer Representative (expires Spring 19)
Jared Barton, Business & Economics (expires Spring 19)
Kara Naidoo, Education (expires Spring 19)
Beatrice de Oca, Behavioral and Social Sciences (expires Spring 19)
Georgina Guzman, Arts & Humanities, (expires Spring 19)
Monica Pereira, Library/Counselors, (expires Spring 19)
Ahmed Awad, Math & Sciences, (expires Spring 19)

Professional Leave Committee

Nancy Mozingo, reverts to Behavioral & Social Sciences (expires Spring 19)
Christy Teranishi Martinez, Math & Sciences (expires Spring 20)
Kaia Tollefson,  Education (expires Spring 20)
Monica Pereira, Library/Counselors (expires Spring 19)
Ludvika Popenhagen, Arts & Humanities (expires Spring 19)
Andrew Morris, Chair, Business & Economics (expires Spring 19)

Student Academic Policies and Procedures

Elizabeth Sowers, at-large (expires Spring 19)
Paul Murphy, at-large (expires Spring 19)
José Garcia, at-large (expires Spring 19)
Luis Sanchez, at-large (expires Spring 20)
Melissa Soenke,  at-large (expires Spring 20)
Director of Admissions & Records, or designee

Faculty Positions for Senate Advisory Committees

Center for Community Engagement Advisory Board

Melissa Soenke, at-large (expires Spring 19)
Maria Ballesteros-Sola, at-large (expires Spring 20)
Pilar Pacheco, CCE Managing Director, ex-officio

Julia "Jules" Balen, CCE Faculty Director (expires Spring 2021)

Center for Integrative Studies Advisory Committee

Selenne Banuelos, at-large (expires Spring 19)
Allison Alvarado, at-large (expires Spring 20)
Heather Castillo, at-large (expires Spring 20)

Sunghee Nam, CIS Faculty Director (expires Spring 2021)

Center for International Affairs Advisory Committee

Raquel Baker, at-large (expires Spring 19) sabbatical replacement
Javier Gonzalez, at large, ACIP Representative (expires Spring 19)
Kimmy Kee-Rose, at-large (expires Spring 20)
Nien-Tsu (Nancy) Chen, at-large (expires Spring 20)
Jackie Reynoso, at-large (expires Spring 20)

Andrea Grove, CIA Faculty Director (expires Spring 19)

Center for Multicultural Engagement

Robin Mitchell, at-large (expires Spring 19)
Dana Baker, at-large (expires Spring 20)
LaSonya Davis, at-large (expires Spring 20)

Christy Teranishi-Martinez, CME Faculty Director (expires Spring 19)

Extended Education Advisory Committee

Kevin Volkan, at-large (expires Spring 19)
Tracylee Clarke, Chair, at-large (expires Spring 19)
Lynette Landry, at-large (expires Spring 20)
Aaron McColpin, at-large (expires Spring 20)
Paul Murphy, at-large (expires Spring 20)

Faculty Development Advisory Committee

Edward Irobi, lecturer representative (expires Spring 20)
Lindsey Trimble-O’Connor, tenure-track faculty representative, at-large (expires Spring 19)
Sohui Lee, tenure-track faculty representative (expires Spring 19)
Julia Ornelas-Higdon, tenure-track faculty representative (expires Spring 19)
Lorna Profant, lecturer representative (expires Spring 20)
Julia "Jules" Balen, tenure-track faculty representative (expires Spring 20)
Matt Campbell, tenure-track faculty representative (expires Spring 20)

Library Advisory Committee

Stacey Anderson, at-large (expires Spring 19)
Robin Mitchell, at-large (expires Spring 20)
Kiki Patsch, at-large (expires Spring 20)

Chair TBD

Research and Sponsored Programs Advisory

Scott Perez, Senior Research Officer (ex-officio)
Matt Cook, Library (ex-officio)
Michelle Dean, at-large (expires Spring 19)
Melissa Soenke, at-large (expires Spring 19)
Cynthia Flores, at-large (expires Spring 19)
Colleen Harris, at-large (expires Spring 20)
Jackie Reynoso, at-large (expires Spring 20)

Technology Advisory Committee

Kiki Patsch, at-large (expires Spring 19)
Colleen Harris, at-large (expires Spring 20)
Brian Thoms, at-large (expires Spring 20)

Chair TBD

Ad Hoc, Special Committees, and Other Elected Positions


Lecturer Representatives to Academic Senate (one year terms)

John Yudelson (expires Spring 20)
Lorna Profant (expires Spring 20)
Mari Estrada (expires Spring 20)
Kendall McClellan (expires Spring 19)
Tom Schmidhauser (expires Spring 20)

ACIP Representative

Javier Gonzalez (expires Spring 2021)

Faculty Search Coordinating Committee

Georgina Guzman, at-large (expires Spring 20)
Kara Naidoo, Co-Chair, at-large (expires Spring 20)
Charlene Niemi, at-large (expires Spring 20)
Lindsey O'Connor, at-large (expires Spring 20)
Luis Sanchez, at-large (expires Spring 20)

Administrator Evaluation Committee (at-large, tenured faculty)

Jose Alamillo, at-large, tenured faculty (expires Spring 19)
Stephen Clark, at-large, tenured faculty (expires Spring 19)
Lynette Landry, at-large, tenured faculty (expires Spring 19)
Billy wagner, at-large, tenured faculty (expires Spring 19)
Simone Aloisio, at-large, tenured faculty (expires Spring 19)

Senate Parliamentarian

Greg Wood

 last updated 01/03/2019





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