Democracy takes the hands of many. Please consider serving our Academic Senate in some capacity this year. 

The responsibilities of the Committee on Committees shall include:

  1. Formulation, review, and recommendation of policies and procedures for conducting elections with the Academic Senate electorate;
  2. Managing, administering and recording Academic Senate elections, including any preceding nomination processes and subsequent run-off elections;
  3. Performing such other duties in connection with electoral processes as may be delegated the Academic Senate;
  4. Making appropriate regulations for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of the Constitution and the instructions of the Senate with regard to elections, provided that such regulations shall be subject to the approval of the Academic Senate;
  5. Making recommendations to the Senate regarding the staffing of ad hoc committees; and
  6. When functions of the Committee on Committees also fall within the areas of concern of other committees, the Committee will work in conjunctions with those committees.

Spring Election 2023 Openings and Results

Senate Committee Roster AY23-24-REV 9.06.23   
**Committee service needed**

The Appointments, Elections, and Bylaws Committee (AEBC) is now accepting self-nominations for AY2023-2024 Senate and other committee openings. Nominations will remain open until Friday, September 8 at 11:59pm.  You can find the full list of committees, current members, and open positions (highlighted in yellow) and open Lecturer positions (highlighted in blue) at this link:  Senate Committee Roster
Per the new bylaws, all faculty are eligible to nominate themselves for open positions, so long as they meet any criteria of academic division, tenure status, or lecturer status.  As a reminder, only self-nominations are accepted.  Faculty may be elected to no more than two senate committees.  Though preference is given to faculty from the specified disciplinary area, all faculty are invited to self-nominate for any open position (other eligibility criteria may apply).

To nominate yourself you can send an email to with the following information:
  • Position opening
  • Name and Faculty Position/Rank
  • Department
  • Interest statement suitable for AEBC review and sharing with faculty
AEBC will enter all eligible nominations into this viewable Google Doc: 

 this viewable Google Doc

Nominations and candidate statements will be updated twice daily and can be viewed at any time to help individuals plan nomination decisions.  If you have any questions, please direct them to AEBC.

Current Senate Committee Election Timeline
Nomination Period:  August 28-September 8
Appointments will be made by September 18
Please direct any questions, corrections, or concerns to
The Appointments, Elections, and Bylaws Committee, AY 2023–24
Christina Smith and Tom Clobes, Co-Chairs
Jason Miller, Chair of Academic Senate
Alison Perchuk, Arts and Humanities
Jeanne Grier, Education
Two More – It Could Be You!

Spring Election 2020 Results

Spring 2020 Election Results (MS Word, 28KB)

Fall Elections 2020 Nomination Notice (Open Positions)

Nomination Notice (MS Word, 19KB)

Dropbox Folder Links

Committee on Committees Files (updated 2/16/2021)

Please contact Senate if you have any questions or concerns at or  or

*Appointments, Elections, and Bylaws Committee was formerly called the Committee on Committees

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