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The responsibilities of the Faculty Affairs Committee shall include:

  1. Providing information and policy recommendations to the Academic Senate whenever it believes that faculty rights and welfare need protection or enhancement: and
  2. Making policy recommendations regarding such matters as:
    • Criteria and standards for the appointment, retention, promotion, evaluation and tenure of academic employees as well as preservation of the principle of peer review and evaluation through the direct involvement of appropriate faculty in these decisions;
    • Professional activities of the University faculty;
    • Financial support of University faculty activities;
    • Faculty consultation in the appointment and review of administrative personnel in positions affecting the University Faculty;
    • Granting of awards and honors to members of the University Faculty, including conferral of Emeritus/ a status;
    • Professional development, including minimum criteria and standards to be used for programs designed to enhance and maintain professional competence such as the awarding of sabbaticals and other academic leaves;
    • Academic freedom and shared governance;
    • Professional ethics, disciplinary procedures, and other professional matters not collectively bargained.
  3. When functions of the Faculty Affairs Committee also fall within the areas of concern of other committees, the Committee will work in conjunction with those committees.

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