Dear Colleagues,

Normally, on this webpage, the Senate officers would provide you with the Academic Senate meeting materials.   Instead, the Academic Senate Officers are repurposing the meeting on October 01, 2019 and sharing some information that the Academic Senate Officers think you'd like to know.

Important Information for Academic Senate meeting

View Important Information for Academic Senate meeting (PDF, 109KB)

It contains information about the following:
(1) Next week's meeting:  "On Civility"
(2) Officers and community time next week
(3) Your role in the Provost Search
(4) Coming soon:  faculty travel funding
(5) Shared governance and program Chairs

If you have information that you think Senate officers should know, or questions you would like us to help answer, send us an email at

Happy Reading --
Gregory Wood, Ph.D., Chair, Academic Senate

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