Academic Senate Agenda - 4/19/16 (MS Word, 191KB)

Policy on Sponsored Projects Administration (MS Word, 168KB)

Policy on Pre-approval of Institutional Grants Proposal (MS Word, 217KB)

SR 15-04 Commendation and Appreciation of President Richard R. Rush (PDF, 1.1MB)

Academic Senate Meeting Minutes - 3/29/16 (MS Word, 201KB)

Response to Senate about Learning through Experience (PDF, 126KB)

SP 15-08 Policy on Double Counting (MS Word, 126KB)

SR 15-03 Resolution on Affordable Learning Initiative (MS Word, 72KB)

SP 15-09 Policy on Second Baccalaureate Degree (MS Word, 138KB)

SP 15-10 Policy on Reinstatement (MS Word, 135KB)

SP 15-11 Policy on Evaluation of Temporary Counselor Faculty (MS Word, 141KB)

Resolution in Support of the Academic Senate Chair as a Member of the President's Cabinet (MS Word, 72KB)

Policy on Perpetual Academic Calendar with Fall Break (PDF, 950KB)

Resolution on E-portfolios (MS Word, 72KB)

RTP Policy Revision (MS Word, 156KB)

Mechatronics Major (long form) (MS Word, 1.5MB)

Mechatronics Major (addendum to long form) (PDF, 98KB)

Mechatronics Presentation for Senate (PDF, 1.1MB)

Astronomy Minor (MS Word, 64KB)

Art History Minor (MS Word, 70KB)

Creative Writing Minor (MS Word, 55KB)

Healthcare Interpretation Certificate (MS Word, 49KB)

Intent to Raise Questions 4-19-16 (MS Powerpoint, 190KB)



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