Academic Senate Agenda - May 10, 2016 (MS Word, 188KB)

Consent Item 1 of 4: Update to SP 15-04 Policy on Golden Four General Education Courses (MS Word, 121KB)

Consent Item 1 Supplemental: ASA 2016-08 Basic Subject Courses and the Grade of C- (PDF, 332KB)

Consent Item 2 of 4: Revision to SP 13-14 Policy on Research and Sponsored Programs Records Retention (MS Word, 402KB)

Consent Item 3 of 4: Update to SP 15-01 Policy on Principal Investigator (MS Word, 72KB)

Consent Item 4 of 4: Revision to SP 14-05 Policy on Principal Investigator Financial Conflict of Interest (MS Word, 319KB)

SR 15-07 Commendation and Appreciation of Provost Gayle E. Hutchinson (PDF, 1.1MB)

Academic Senate Meeting Minutes from April 19, 2016 (MS Word, 206KB)

SR 15-05 Resolution in Support of the Academic Senate Chair as a Member of the President's Cabinet (MS Word, 72KB)

SP 15-14 Policy on Perpetual Academic Calendar with Fall Break (PDF, 948KB)

SR 15-06 Resolution on E-portfolios (MS Word, 72KB)

SP 15-15 RTP Policy Revision (MS Word, 156KB)

SP 15-16 Mechatronics Major (MS Word, 1.4MB)

SP 15-17 Astronomy Minor (MS Word, 65KB)

SP 15-18 Art History Minor (MS Word, 70KB)

SP 15-19 English Creative Writing Minor (MS Word, 56KB)

SP 15-20 Healthcare Interpretation Certificate (MS Word, 49KB)


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