Academic Year 2015-2016

SP 15-01 Principal Investigator (MS Word, 69KB)

SP 15-02 Responsible Conduct of Research (MS Word, 161KB)

SP 15-03 AMP 2016-2017 (MS Word, 23KB)

SP 15-04 Golden Four Policy (MS Word, 134KB)

SP 15-05 Conducting MPP III & IV Searches (MS Word, 134KB)

SP 15-06 Academic Minors (MS Word, 122KB)

SP 15-07 Minimum Characteristics of Majors and Minors (MS Word, 118KB)

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Archives of Previous Policies by Academic Year - AY01-02 through AY14-15 

Policy Template

Student Ratings of Teaching (SRT) Instrument (proposed revision per SP14-01)


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