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Academic Affairs Unit By-laws

Add Policy

Academic Calendar

Academic Credit for Military Service

Academic Dishonesty

Academic Disqualification

Academic Leave

Academic Master Plan

Academic Planning, Process for:

Academic Probation

Academic Program Discontinuance

Academic Reinstatement

Academic Renewal

Acceleration of University Studies

Add Policy

Adding Courses, after First Two Weeks of Instruction

Adding Courses, during First Two Weeks of Instruction

Administrator Review

Admissions Exceptions

Advancement to Candidacy

Alzheimer’s Institute

Animal Research

Anthropology, B.A.

Anthropology Minor

Applied Physics, B.A., B.S.

Approval Procedure for New Academic Programs

Art, M.F.A.

Art History, Minor

Art Management, Minor

Asian Pacific Studies, Minor


Astronomy, Minor

Awarding of Multiple Degrees at a Single Commencement



Biology, B.A.

Biology, B.S., Emphasis in Cell and Molecular Biology

Biology, Minor

Biology, Pest Control Certificate

Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, M.S.

Blended Course Offerings

Business Administration, M.B.A.

Business, B.S. with Option in Management

Business, Minor

By-Laws of the Academic Senate



California Institute for Social Business

Catalog Rights

Centers and Institutes, Policy on

Center for Civic Engagement - see Center for Community Engagement

Center for Community Engagement

Center for Integrative Studies

Center for Integrative and Interdisciplinary Studies- see above entry

Center for International Affairs

Center for Multicultural Engagement

Certificate in Biotechnology

Certificate Program Requirements

Certificate in Technical Writing

Chair Evaluation

Changing the Basis for Grading

Chemistry, B.S.

Chemistry, Minor

Chicano/a Studies, B.A.

Chicano Studies, Minor

Class Attendance

Coastal Sustainability

Commencement Participation

Communication, B.A.

Communication, Minor

Communication with Students

Community and Labor Studies Institute

Composition of MPP Search Committees

Computer Science, B.S.

Computer Science, Minor

Computer Science, M.S.

Computer Science, Computer Game Design and Development, Minor

Constitution of the Academic Senate

Continuous Enrollment and Educational Leave

Course Grade Appeals

Course Number Guidelines

Credential in Multiple Subject

Credential in Principals’ Leadership

Credential in Special Education

Credential in Single Subject

Credit toward Graduations (Courses taken outside CSUCI)

Cross-Listing of Courses



Developmental Psychology, Minor

Difference in Pay Leave

Digitally Integrated Media, M.A.

Dishonesty -- see Academic Dishonesty

Double Counting of Course Requirements

Double Degrees



Early Childhood Studies, B.A.

Economics, B.A.

Economics, Minor

Ed.D. in Educational Leadership

Education, M.A.

Election of RTP Committee

Electronic Communication with Students, Policy on

Electronic Voting

Emphases, Concentrations, and Options

Emeritus Faculty

Environmental Science and Resource Management, B.S.

Environmental Science and Resource Management, Minor

English, B.A.

English, M.A.

English, Minor

English Creative Writing, Minor

Exceptional Service



Fine Arts, B.A.

Fine Arts, Minor

Forgiveness of Previously Earned Grade

Freedom & Justice Studies, Minor



GPA, Policy on for Minors

General Education, Category Descriptions and Criteria

General Education Course Review

General Education Goals and Outcomes

General Education, Golden Four

General Education C-3b Criteria (Rev)

General Education, Changes to Category C3

General Education Policies, Suggestions for

Global Studies, B.A.

Global Studies, Minor

Grade Appeals

Grade Forgiveness

See "Forgiveness of Previously Earned Grade"

Grades, Policy on

Graduate Admissions Appeals

Graduate and Post baccalaureate Course Repeat

Graduate Students, Minimum GPA

Graduate Student, Time Limit

Graduate Study, Use of Prerequisite Courses

Graduate Units Granted for Thesis

Graduate Units in Residence

Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR)

Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement Graduation in Absentia

Graduation Honors

Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR)--

see Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement

Grant-Related/Specifically-Funded Instructional Faculty (GRIF) Appointments



Healthcare Interpreting, Cert.

Health Science, B.S.

History, B.A.

History, Minor

Honor Code

Human Subjects


Incomplete Grades

IT Resources, Responsible Use of

Information Technology B.S.

Intellectual Property Policy (Interim)



Institutional Grants


  • SP 14-02: Policy on Mode of Instruction (referred back to committee)





Language and Multicultural Requirement

Lecturer Faculty Evaluation

Lecturer Range Elevation

(see Range Elevation, Lecturer)

Liberal Studies, B.A.

Librarian Related Activities (RTP)


Major, Declaration

Majors and Minors, Minimum Characteristics of

Majors, Multiple

Master's Degrees, Additional

Master’s Degrees, units required

Master’s Degrees, units in residence

Master’s Degrees, time limit

Master’s Theses

Mathematics, B.S.

Mathematics, M.S.

Mathematics, Minor

Mathematics Minor, Foundational Mathematics

Mechatronics, Major

Minor Degree Policy

Minors, Policy on GPA for


see under respective academic programs

Mini-Grant Review Policy

Misconduct in Research and Creative Activity

Mission-Based Awards

Mission Centers




New Course Approval Form

Nursing, B.S.


Online Course Offerings

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute



Paid Professional Leaves

Performing Arts, B.A.

Philosophy, Minor in

Physics, Applied, B.A., Long Form

Political Science, B.A.

Political Science, Minor

Posthumous Degrees Awarded

Post-Tenure Review

Principal Investigator

Principal Investigator, Financial Conflict of Interest

Priority Registration

Program Discontinuance

Psychology, B.A.

Psychology, Minor

Psychology, M.A.



Quorum Reduction


Range Elevation, Lecturer

Reassignment of Faculty

Records Retention

Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP)

Retention, Tenure and Promotion

Retreat Rights of Administrative Personnel

Review of Academic Programs

Review of Administrators

Robotics Engineering, Minor



Sabbatical Leave

Scheduling of Courses

Schedule Template

Semester Honors

Second Baccalaureate Degree

Security Systems Engineering, Minor

Shared Appointments

Small Business Institute

Sociology, B.A.

Sociology, Minor

Spanish, B.A.

Spanish, Minor

Special Admissions

Special Education, Credential

Sponsored Projects Administration

Statistics and Data Analytics, Minor

Student Evaluation of Teaching

Student Peer Mentor Program

Student Ratings of Teaching Policy

Student Ratings of Teaching Instrument

Subrecipient Monitoring, Policy on

Syllabus Policy



Temporary Faculty Evaluation

Temporary Counselor Faculty

Thesis and Project Filing

Time Conflict


Undergraduate Admissions Exceptions

Undergraduate Unit Load


University Honors

Use of Undergraduate Courses in Graduate Coursework


Visiting Faculty

Visual Media Communication, Minor


Wait Listing



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